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Compressed Air

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Compressed Air

The compressed air system products handled by Tomlin Equipment Company represents the quality and reliability required in plant operations today. Your responsibility is to make a quality product, not to worry about making quality air.


From the smallest 5 HP air cooled reciprocating unit needed to operate a small machine shop, to large 1250 HP centrifugal compressors used in automotive plants, Tomlin is the local authorized distributor for the finest compressors sold in the USA today.

Customer concern for the environment, along with the need for higher quality air, has driven Tomlin Equipment Company to specialize in (but not limited to) the oil free compressor market. With premium lines such as ELGi, Kobelco and Ingersoll Rand Engineered Centrifugals, Tomlin has the ability and equipment to satisfy any requirement.


The Compressed Air Challenge, directed by the US Department of Energy has determined that a full 25% of all energy consumed by American Industry is used by compressed air systems. The directive of the Compressed Air Challenge is to increase the overall efficiency of compressed air systems.

This is accomplished by Air Audits, System Walkthroughs, and Ultrasonic Leak Detection, which determine a baseline of pressure and flow requirements for each plant. Tomlin Equipment and its System Specialists are trained and certified to perform these procedures to help your facility reduce the high costs associated with Plant Air Systems.


Instrument quality air eliminates damage to tooling downstream by water in compressed air lines. The need to produce the highest quality end product finish for today's market requires the use of drying systems. State-of-the-art technology is used by manufacturers such as domnick hunter, Hankison, Zeks (in either refrigerant or regenerative desiccant type) to provide high quality, low moisture compressed air at the highest efficiency possible.