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The customer designs from our Engineering Systems Group are produced with advanced AutoCAD support. Thorough engineering and quality fabrication has positioned Tomlin Equipment Company as the packaging leader.

We offer a complete line of premium Howden Roots centrifugal and positive displacement blowers for pressure and vacuum applications. These products are supported by a large replacement parts inventory and field repair service.

As a supplier to the OEM blower and vacuum industry, we have a long-standing worldwide presence in the vacuum truck, bulk conveying, wastewater treatment, heat treating, aircraft testing and related industries.

From concept through final system operation, Tomlin Equipment has the ability to design and build complete skids for oil free vacuum extraction and pressure sparging applications in the Surface Remediation field.

In our Industrial and Process markets, Tomlin Equipment is recognized as a sole source supplier of Howden Roots centrifugal, Positive Displacement Blower and Vacuum Systems.

Blower equipment

Many of these custom packages are designed and built by Tomlin under standing partner agreements with Howden Roots Blower. Our packages are operating in Fortune 500 companies in the air products, automotive, high vacuum glass coatings, plastics, chemical and steel industries.